Equality OR Equity

As laudible as his intent his, the governor of Kano State in 2013, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso was committed to the state’s “bilateral relations” with the Niger Republic. As part of the relationship, a college was established which would expose Kano children to French language thereby increasing their opportunity in neighbouring francophone countries.

over N1 billion (about $6.5 million) was spent on the tertiary institution which is located in Niamey, a city in the neighbouring country.

This is a counterpath fund which was expended on the need of 100 students as well as other physical projects for the school. If this continued yearly, 700 students would have benefited from the project and a total of N7 billion naira (over $45.5 million) would have been spent.

What would be the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries, and what would be the expected impact of this project?

How many out of school children would get basic education with N7 billion naira as against 700 students who would learn, and basically learn french in addition so as to be better positioned for opportunities within Nigeria and neighbouring francophone countries?

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