NYSC CDS;Alternative Investment for Government’s Expenditure on Education?

Like many pictures that floats around, another picture showed up recently on a social media platform. This picture is not exceptional aside one of the comments that a user made.

“As a corper you’ve gotta raise funds to seat that class as part of your community devp. Don’t ask me how”

There are responsibilities which are of the government to the people. One of such is on education.
The Nigerian government has taken the responsibility to give basic education to her citizens. This is not only good for the citizens, it is for the betterment of the country that the people are educated.

Testimonies abound however, how that many schools in the interior part of the country depends so much on corp members to meet up with their teacher work force.

That issue aside, though not a minor issue. Would the country also depend on these corp members in order to provide basic facilities for such learning environment?

Should corp members start donating their monthly allowance OR go around sourcing fund to execute community development projects in order to help these schools?

Anyways, maybe their being given an award for such project would be a compensation.

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