In a recent education professional development workshop I was privileged to attend as a guest facilitator, a teacher asked pointed out how unmotivated teachers are.

He groomed a child who came out top of a state level academic competition. The student received N250,000 while the accompanying teacher was rewarded with a branded face cap.

True as it may seem, the competition was not for the teacher and the prices were spelt out for the winners of the competition AND there was no price slated for accompanying teachers. So, on that note, the competition organizers are justified.

However, I am quick to notice that neither was a branded face cap slated. So, the gift could have been any other item better than a face cap.

While it might not be right for the government to mandate profit oriented organizations on how the should use the corporate social responsibility allocation, they could be given moral persuasion towards the sectors that they deem fit.

Maybe they do actually.

More support is usually given to football and many other social even.

This CSR supported projects are becoming a eye sore over social media. Below is a post by a user on a social media:

Guider ultimate search 10 million plus endorsements
MTN project fame N7.5 million plus SUV
GLO naija sings 5m plus Suv
Etisalat Nigerian Idol  5milion plus multimillion naira contract
Cowbell mathematics competition  N100k
Lagos State Spelling Bee: N50k
School Scrabble competition: N25k
Cool-FM Spelling Game: A goodie bag filled with Amila drink, etc.
Why won’t students fail WAEC?

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