The Real value of Literacy and Education

There are many important issues that government has to attend to. Some are pressing issues BUT education may not be one of them.

So also is the value of education in the opinion of some citizens. “If eventually we can point out to people that have made substance out of life without (much) education, then…” By substance they would mean what even brings money.

But ponder upon the issue, if we all make a huge living somehow without education, how many spheres of human endeavour can we really have competence in? Sports, Music, Fashion, and even politics… Yes! This can be clearly seen from the standard in the society where the literacy level is so low; like in our lovely country Nigeria.

How then do we stumble with break-through on malaria parasite that kills so many Africans? Hall mark success in curbing the Ebola virus?

Soon, a disaster awaits us if we all aim for the money without impacting sustainable value. The global financial meltdown is a glaring example for those who care. When we trade papers in money market (stocks and bonds) with the forces of demand and supply without tangible corresponding value, that is what we’ll get.

How about a single entertainer who makes more money than all the teachers in a state? Does he/she impact more value than all the teachers? (Hu)Man’s thirst for “meat that perish” cannot be tamed except by true knowledge.

True and concerned citizens of the world would agree with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on his 7 social sins:


Until we place a value on what education brings appropriately, we will continue to make mediocre of life.




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